I ate 2 many strawberries now my tummy hurts

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 02:13am

Rococo Heart Chair


Rococo Heart Chair

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 05:55pm



ohhhh my god
bearded dragon

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 05:46pm

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 05:28pm

OMG so I was all ready to go to work for my first day and they told me my employee number isn’t ready yet …. So I couldn’t go lol … It’s postponed until tomorrow (assuming they have it by then) T_T that sucked I was all prepared too lol

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 04:49pm

Anonymous asked: Good luck animal princess! May all the animals run to your side when you work.

^______^ My sweetiepie !!! I feel a lot better going today with this msg! It seems like u fell asleep already which makes me sad bc I miss u soo much, but I’m happy u left me this. Ur a darling. I hope ur having sweet dreams about us lol. I know u will feel good in the morning with all the sleep ur getting tho! Unfortunately I don’t know what time I get home today, so if u call me on Skype I might not be able to answer :( but we will see okk? I’m pretty sure I’ll be home when ur at work messaging me! It’s time 4 me to tame the animals. Lol I hope I can pet some bunnies. I love you so much, ur the best!

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 12:33pm

Omg trinity “why u so hateful!! Damn!!”

rupaul's drag race

Monday Apr 4 @ 11:23pm

Awww trinity!! :(( just when I was rly starting to like her …. She was fierce and won’t be forgotten! ((Dela should’ve won that challenge btw but Courtney did do rly well)). I was so nervous they would send Adore home!! I actually loved her mask/face piece thing … Joslyn made me so uncomfortable tho omg

rupaul's drag race

Monday Apr 4 @ 11:04pm
sailor moon

Monday Apr 4 @ 09:01pm


"theyre homophobic but theyre good people!!!" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. are they really. are they REALLY. are they. are theyr eally. Are the

Monday Apr 4 @ 08:36pm