He and Legolas never had a single conversation, the only words ever spoken between them were, “and my bow”.



Tuesday Aug 8 @ 10:38pm

Five nights at Freddy’s is so fucking scary I just wanna watch a play through and even that terrifies me T_____T

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:49pm

I always get the urge to play and start over fire emblem awakening but I never wanna delete my files ;_;

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 02:36pm

I wonder which ghibli movie I should watch today??

I just saw spirited away hmmmm

Monday Aug 8 @ 07:23pm

Monday Aug 8 @ 07:21pm

Monday Aug 8 @ 07:19pm

Monday Aug 8 @ 07:19pm

Hello buddy


Hello buddy


Monday Aug 8 @ 07:18pm

I’m kinda seriously glad that I didn’t watch FMA when I was a kid tho and I pretended I liked it bc it was new and cool back then (i would watch some scenes on adult swim but had no idea what was going on). I think I would’ve been scarred for life even now it gives me nightmares lol :(. It’s rly a lot scarier than it seems, even a few episodes in I was like THIS IS SOME FREAKY SHIT

some ppl will definitely laugh at this

Saturday Aug 8 @ 09:59pm

I’m now on the 4th season of FMA Brotherhood and I’m just now seeing that netflix didn’t add the last season?? Why would u do this to me

it's still so good tho

Saturday Aug 8 @ 09:54pm